A boutique company established in 2003, Heartbeat Percussion features high quality products made available at affordable prices. Cymbals, drums, bags, sticks and hardware are part of the growing Heartbeat Percussion family.



is in the way we do things…

Heartbeat is all about relationship and partnering with our customers. We support our customers and help them to achieve their goals, and in return, they help us to do the same! There are lots of percussion companies, brands and products available throughout the world, but none do business like Heartbeat.

While most businesses focus on producing a good return on the owners and shareholders investments, Heartbeat focuses on working with our customers to provide them with the resources, information, products, pricing and service that they need.

It isn’t about selling stuff… it’s about meeting folks all over the world, hearing their stories, finding out what they are doing and what they need, and seeing if we can help them. If we can’t, then we are the first to point them elsewhere. People are always more important to Heartbeat than selling is.

Pictured: Wilbur Sargunaraj, International Artist


Heartbeat is mainly known for our hand crafted cymbals. We partner with cymbalsmiths in Istanbul using traditional manufacturing methods to produce the look and sound of cymbals that we and our customers want. While other cymbals might look similar to Heartbeats, that doesn’t mean that they sound alike. Each Heartbeat cymbal is a unique instrument. While other companies might boast that you can buy a particular model and size anywhere in the world and it will sound exactly the same, we boast that you can buy a Heartbeat cymbal and it will never sound exactly the same as any other one. Additionally, we are constantly honing and adjusting our products. We can quickly make changes to our series based on feedback from our customers.


Typically products are made by a manufacturer (not necessarily the people who’s name is on the product), shipped and/or sold to the brand name’s warehouse, then shipped and/or sold to national distributors, then shippped and/or sold to retail outlets where the end users purchase them. At each level, the price increases. Heartbeat works with manufacturers to produce our products which are shipped directly to Heartbeat in Canada. From there, we sell and ship directly to our customers. We have no plans to have Heartbeat products sold in retail stores.


Heartbeat is all about family. Whether you are working at Heartbeat or playing a Heartbeat product, we consider you as family. Heartbeat is not part of a giant corporation. We are just a boutique business made up of family folks who love meeting new friends. We have a passion for music and music gear. And… we enjoy life and living. Part of the Heartbeat business plan is to ensure that growth will be consistant and deliberate. Some people have told us that we are changing the way the music industry does business. All we know is that we are doing things the way that we, as consumers, would want to see from someone whom we did business with. Simple!