Allayne McGowan

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” This has been Allayne’s motto since the start of 2017, but it’s unknowingly been her motto for most of her life. At 8 years old and barely 5 feet tall, Allayne knew that she wanted to be a drummer, and that it would take a lot to convince her musician parents to allow drums in the house.

Fast forward to age 27 and 5’5”; Allayne has been a worship drummer since age 9 and made her debut as a barefoot, singing, hair-flipping, Indie Rock drummer in the Vancouver music scene in 2015. Since then she has played in countless venues around BC and had the opportunity to showcase at Canadian Music Week with her former band Coastline Pilot in 2017.

The journey of being a lady drummer hasn’t always been easy, but Allayne has continued to push boundaries and rock socks off for audiences near and far. These days Allayne is an independent drummer and is being intentional about taking time to rest and to work on her own music.