Antwane McMullin

During much of the year “Twain” Antwane McMullin can be seen traveling across the U.S. and abroad with eight-time Dove Award, and Grammy nominated artist, David Crowder. Twain brings a contagious energy, seasoned versatile skill set, and undeniable musical passion to the stage. And with their rare chemistry, the Crowder boys come together to put on a must-see show every night with the American Prodigal Tour 3.0.

Antwane got his start playing as a church musician in his hometown of Buffalo, NY, and later came up through the ranks of the Atlanta music scene in the 2000’s. Quietly accomplishing much as an amateur musician and producer, Twain garnered the acclaim of critics and fans alike, and soon found himself to be a household name in several musical communities throughout the south. With his dedication to hard work and heart for being a team player, Twain has grown into the consummate professional we know and love today. Antwane currently lives north of Atlanta with his wife Bobbi Jo, and two children, Olivia and Max.

“Twain is one my absolutely favorite drummers to rock with! As a bassist, i think whether live or recording, the drummer is ultimately who makes the song feel right; his tuning, his sound, his touch, his timing. Antwane has that awesome balance between a super tight Pocket and freaking you out with perfectly placed licks.”-Brandon“Blue” HamiltonGrammy Nominated Producer (Justin Bieber)

“What sets Antwane apart from from a lot of drummers is the fact that he listens to the song with a producer’s ear. He listens the melody, the lyrics along with the other musicians and proceeds to lay down some of the fattest, most musically dynamic grooves anyone can imagine. And top it all off he does it with an infectious smile, energy and a great attitude.”-Lee DavisMusician, Producer, Composer, Writer

“All I can say is that Antwane is a great drummer & very efficient in all styles! I always have a great time whenever we can hookup & play!”-Sam SimsMusician, Producer, Music Director (MJ, Whitney Houston, Bette Midler, Justin Timberlake