Caio Bruno

Caio Bruno (born March 25, 1992) is a Brazilian, full time musician (drummer and flutist), and producer, best known as the drummer for the band Os Gonzagas. He also recorded and shared the stage, as a member of Os Gonzagas, with some of the greatest ever Brazilian musicians, such as Elba Ramalho, Tato (Falamansa), Chico César, Lucy Alves, Pinto do Acordeon, Flávio José, Dorgival Dantas, Genival Lacerda, Santanna O Cantador, Cezinha do Acordeon, Mú Carvalho, Biliu de Campina and others.

Caio started playing when he was 4 years old, influenced by his musical family, as many of his relatives play or sing at church. Caio attended Anthenor Navarro music school, one of the most famous in his state, where he graduated from at the age of 14. Caio always wanted to improve his sound as a musician and so decided to study sound engineering as well. He attended the Professional Audio Company, a company that prepares you with the knowledge to understand every single aspect about EQ and compression, etc… which Caio says, helped him a lot with his performance and understanding of sonority, making him a better musician. Caio not only has experience with popular and Christian music, but also with classical music. When he was 7, he decided to learn another instrument and the flute was his choice.

As a flutist, he played in orchestras from his home city and travelled South America as a soloist with the state youth orchestra. Learning a melodic instrument helped Caio to see the drums not only as a percussion instrument, but also [as a instrument that “sings”, as he likes to say] to make his drums “sing”, as he likes to say. As a Christian, Caio plays at his church and has played at many other churches in his city, in Brazil and in the whole world, since he was 5 – providing him with the experience and confidence to play on the largest stages in the country.

As a member of the band Os Gonzagas, Caio won, as the best performing band, the 13th National Forró Festival of Itaúnas (known as FENFIT), considered the most important Forró Festival in the country. But not just that, the band on the same occasion, also won the “best lyrics“ trophy, with one of their songs. From their victory at Fenfit, Os Gonzagas began to appear in various places throughout Brazil. In 2013, they performed in João Pessoa (Caio’s home city) during the final of The Voice Brazil, when Lucy Alves was one of the semi-finalists. In 2014, they shared the stage with Lucy Alves, watched by an audience, estimated by the organization, of 80 thousand people.

In March 2014, the group performed their first international tour, performing in Lisbon, Dublin and London. In the same year, Os Gonzagas were honored by the Town Hall of João Pessoa with the commendation Ariano Suassuna. It was also in 2014 that they released the first EP, titled “O Candeeiro Não Se Apagou”. In 2015, Os Gonzagas participated in the second season of the talent show Superstar, Rede Globo (Brazil’s most popular TV channel). They came into the top 7 of the program, as one of the semi-finalists of the edition. In 2016, the song “Vem Morena”, first presented in the Superstar, was recorded by the band and included in the soundtrack of the TV novela “Êta Mundo Bom!”, by Rede Globo. In 2017, Os Gonzagas performed their second international tour, performing in Lisbon and Madrid – presenting Brazilian culture to many different countries who all showed great appreciation OR who loved it. In 2018, the band released its new album titled “Onde Estará?”. The album received very positive reviews and was highly praised by the public and the media.

As a drummer Caio had the opportunity to take classes/master classes and workshops with some of the greatest drummers in the world, such as Kiko Freitas, Dave Weckl, Jeff Hamilton, Steve Smith, Steve Jordan, Vera Figueiredo, Carlos Bala, Gledson Meira, Edu Ribeiro and others.