Daniel Perry

Daniel wasn’t born into a family that played instruments; but rather avidly listened to music daily. That definitely gave him an early appreciation for what would become a passion. Although he didn’t start learning how to play until age 11, Daniel would play on his babysitters piano striking keys here and there wishing it would sound as cool as on the radio.

But in first year of middle school, He found his calling…. Drums! The music director saw his talents and fueled them by asking his parents to have Daniel join marching band during second year, without the need to audition. From then he continued to receive private drum set lessons until age 16.

He joined his first rock band with  two close high school friends calling themselves “Rip Torn” and through that got his first endorsement back in 2008. Since breaking up in 2010, Daniel continued to play at gigs around his hometown in the Coachella Valley until joining “The Flusters” in 2016 and upon joining them, has played at Coachella Fest, Echo Park Rising, Rhythm Wine and Brews Fest, and successfully completed a Kickstarter Funded National Tour in 2017. His current band “The Flusters” just released their full length album “Dreamsurf” in January, 2019.