Doug Meola

Doug is a life long student of drums and drumming with a passion to play and push himself to new levels as a drummer and musician. Ever since he received his first used Gretsch 3 piece gold sparkle drum kit with his existing Slingerland “Buddy Rich” Student model snare drum at age 12, he was hooked. He loves to play drums. With a handful of drummers as his inspiration, all Doug wanted to do was learn more and play. He fell in love with John Bonham’s drumming; it spoke to him in a way that no other drummer’s playing did. It would be years later that Doug would come to understand what Bonham was actually doing when he played that made his drumming so interesting.

As Doug began my journey into playing in school bands, garage bands, playing his first party, his first “gig” at a school dance, he realized that THIS is what he wanted to do with his life. Graduating to playing in various “battle of the bands” to gigs in clubs and bars, playing with countless musicians and bands, going to audition after audition, Doug was hungry to make drumming his career. With all of the promises of life as a gigging musician, he went through the highs and lows of having success and experiencing disappointments. This pushed him to work harder, to learn and practice perseverance and to keep improving in his craft.

Doug studied with as many drummers as possible and absorbed all that he could from every educational opportunity that he had including studying at The Collective in NYC and Musician’s Institute. Those years taught him some valuable lessons that he wasn’t expecting. “I learned that I actually wasn’t “pursuing” fame or the big paychecks; instead I learned how much I love this instrument and how much I enjoy drumming,” Doug stated. “I learned that what I thought I was working towards wasn’t a goal or a means to end, I was actually already there, life as a gigging musician, I was doing it. It is all about the path and not necessarily where it may lead. Do what you love and your never work a day in your life, right? Well, I can’t say that it isn’t work sometimes, that there aren’t hard times, but it is the best time I have ever had at a job and I will never stop striving to get better at it.”

Playing gigs, recording and touring are Doug’s foundation and drum education is another aspect of his drumming career that he is extremely rooted in and passionate about. Doug is super excited to have a great roster of drummers and students that he works with on a weekly/regular basis. Additionally, he enjoys doing master classes, clinics and educational programs for schools and various drumming events.

Doug is very passionate about assisting drummers in being their best in all areas of their drumming and helping them to reach their goals as drummers. He is involved with conducting drum clinics and educational events in partnership with Heartbeat Cymbals, Tune-bot, Vic Firth, Aquarian Drumheads, Canadian Drum Gear, Sakae Drums, ProLogix Percussion, Booty Shakers and Drumtacs.

In addition to his educational endeavours, Doug is grateful to have a busy schedule working with bands and artists as a recording, gigging and touring drummer. Some of the artists and acts that he works with and have toured with and have supported include: The Secret Destroyers, Dead City Dolls, Saints and Lovers, Guitar virtuoso Greg Howe, Sexus, V, Skin, When Worlds Collide, Joan Jett, Dee Snyder, Widowmaker, Joe Perry, Marilyn Manson, Buckcherry, Gavin Degraw, John Legend and Maroon Five. Doug says that, “I am blessed to have a busy recording session schedule as well, working with artists of all varieties in the studio.”

He works with a number of drum company brands and retailers on product and educational demonstrations, videos and projects. Doug is involved with a weekly drum talk radio show/podcast called Around The Kit, in which he hosts an educational and Q & A segment of the show called “Behind The Kit”. Doug has contributed to Modern Drummer magazine as an educator and product reviewer and is excited to be a contributing member of the Vic Firth Education Team.

Additionally, Doug is a member of the Can-Do-Musos advisory board and very passionate about a new drum education program that he is designing specifically for other-abled drummers and potential drummers that have unique mental and/or physical challenges.

Regarding Heartbeat, Doug says: “I feel blessed to be a Heartbeat Cymbals Artist and family member for many years now and I am beyond thrilled with the company’s amazing cymbals, quality, innovation, service and interest in their customers and artists! I currently use a mix of the Heartbeat Custom, Raw and Rock Series cymbals and they are beyond amazing! Audibly stunning sound and visually gorgeous. Incredible and unique tonal qualities, body, textures and characteristics of true handcrafted, hand hammered cymbals.”

Doug endorses:
Heartbeat Cymbals and Percussion, Sakae Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Tune-bot, Carmichael Drum Thrones, Humes and Berg Cases, Drumtacs, Cymbag, Beato Bags, ProLogix Percussion, Cympad, Booty Shakers and Roland Products.