Edwin Rivera III

Edwin Rivera III resides in Nashville, TN where he is a father, husband, drum-maker and touring/session drummer. He has played with many artists (and genres) such as The Early Reset (pop), The Hardcastles (worship), The Opposed (hard rock), The New Revival (soul rock), Olivia Baker (indie/pop), Among the Thirsty (CCM artist), Adam Agin (singer/songwriter), The George Twins (pop/soul) and also made an appearance on the CMT’s ‘Nashville’.He also serves in various churches in the greater Nashville area.

Edwin started playing drums at a very early age. Beginning with playing timbales at church in Puerto Rico, learning to play the drum kit in New York and then expanding his skills in percussion (Lufkin High School Band and The Fighting Texas Aggie Band at Texas A&M) and jazz band at Angelina College. “Learning to appreciate every genre is something I believe is vital as a musician and to every lover of music.”

Being around drums as much as he has, Edwin also learned the anatomy of them. He is also a drum builder for Nashville-based custom drum company, 3rd & 4th Drums. Edwin says: “Much like Heartbeat, 3rd and 4th Drums believes in helping drummers achieve their sound without making their instruments financially out of reach. Every drummer should have the ability to find their sound without draining the wallets of the working drummer–and that is why we have partnered with Heartbeat cymbals.”

Edwin is currently on the road with Alive By Sunrise playing at churches, D-Nows, festivals and youth camps. When he isn’t on the road, you can find him in his drum room connecting with other drummers through lessons, Nashville Drum Rentals and session work.