Giancarlo Boniolo

Giancarlo is a percussionist, born and raised in Barueri – São Paulo. Giancarlo’s family was very musical and from his early years became very familiar with percussive instruments.

While he was originally self-taught in percussion, he studied later with music lessons and rhythms and currently still studies percussion (Brazilian and Latin).He also participates in workshops and teaches cajon in his studio.

Giancarlo has been active in the music scene since 2003 and has played in different bands and projects. In 2007 he founded the Christian band Oeste Suez where he is the percussionist and vocalist.

Playing in the bests local venues in São Paulo as a side man percussionist, Giancarlo also has his own signature cajon released and sold all over Brazil. Along with Oeste Suez Band he has played in festivals with Nação Zumbi, Raimundos, Ratos de Porão as well as performing on television and radio.