Jimmy Tanner

Jimmy “Vegas” Tanner, is the drummer for ApologetiX. The members of his fan club refer to themselves as “Tanner Nation.”

Jimmy played his first concert with ApologetiX on October 28, 2005 in Noblesville IN. Jimmy has a personality perfectly suited to his prodigious abilities. Not only can he play any song, style, or band we throw his way, but he does so with great enthusiasm. He learns his parts willingly and diligently, even if it’s a song by an artist he doesn’t care for … and there aren’t too many of those, anyway.

Jimmy is always learning more about his craft — watching concert videos and instructional videos, reading books and magazines by and about other drummers, and playing his drums every chance he gets.

He started to play drums at age 8. Originally going to take guitar lessons first, the instructor at the music store said that he was a bit too small and that reading drum music would be easier for him to understand. Jimmy took lessons from Jim Pasquale for 8 years when he finally told Jimmy “I have taught you everything I know.”

Before ApologetiX, Jimmy played in: Cryer (1985-1988), Shocklin (1988-1991), Fair Warning (1993-2000). Between 1993 and 2000 – He also played with bands such as Emanon, Apple Schneider, Teaser, Wild Child, Stonehenge, Ipso Facto, Ten point Ten, Jam Nation. Some of his favorite influences as a drummer have been: Jimmy Pasquale (Jimmy’s drum instructor), Peter Criss, Virgil Donati, Neil Peart, and John Blackwell.