John Caldwell

John Caldwell is an in demand Asheville North Carolina drummer and educator. John is a Governor’s school NC attendee and UNC Chapel Hill Music School graduate. He keeps a full lesson schedule at The Music Academy Asheville, and plays in several bands including Crocodile Smile, a busy corporate dance band. John also serves on drums weekly at Pole Creek Baptist Church in Candler North Carolina. He has previously held the drum chair for North Hollywood thrash group Psychosis.

His thoughts on his Heartbeat cymbals: “My sound is so important to my playing and my career. When I am playing with different groups, my sound has to be immediately dialed in. My Heartbeats let me get under the mix and make bands sound great. These cymbals inspire me to play and I feel very excited about the tones of these handmade Turkish works of art! Thank you to Heartbeat!”