Jonn Bostwick

Jonn Bostwick showed a passion for drums as a baby playing his mom’s pot and pans. Like many drummers at a young age he began playing and traveling with his church worship team. He was also very active in his Highschool band program. Wanting to further develop his craft and turn his passion into a career, Jonn after High school attended the prestigious Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for Jazz Studies.

During this time he studied under Jazz drumming legends Art Gore and John Von Ohlen. His time at CCM allowed him to grow as a professional and an artist. It was at this same time Jonn began drumming for Nashville based and internationally recognized pop band Anthem Lights. After school Jonn made the move to Nashville where he now lives. He continues to tour the country year around with Anthem Lights and has begun Playing for rising country artist Sammy Arriaga. Since the move Jonn has toured with artists such as Among The Thirsty, and Stephen Neal.