Kurt André Aase


  • Drom “EP” 2007
  • SynKoke “Hokjønn” 2009
  • Pony the Pirate “This is my Psychopedia” 2010
  • SynKoke “The Ideologist” 2011
  • SynKoke “Religion in Transit” 2013
  • Simen Mitlid “Simen Mitlid” (EP) 2013
  • Supermale “Supermale Yourself” 2013


  • Kongshaug Music High School 2000-2003
  • The Kings Guard Music Corps 2003-2004
  • Norwegian Academy of Music 2006-2007
  • NLA University, Music and Leadership 2008-2009

Kurt’s story:

Kurt was born in the west Coust of Norway, March 26t 1984. He got his first drumset at the age of seven and started playing in the local corps when he was ten. He played in this corps and in a local band until he moved from this small village in 2000.

In 2000 Kurt started doing some freelance jobs in different churches. At the same time he started playing in rock bands and prog rock bands in Bergen.

In 2003 – 2004 he served in the military. Kurt did his service at “His Majesty King’s Guard”, where he played in the marching band with the corps. Here he did a lot of military drill shows and classical concerts.

After military Kurt went back to Bergen and started the band “SynKoke”. In the beginning it was a prog band and did a lot of “crazy odd time signature” things. He also started playing in the church. In 2005 Kurt started a prog band called “Drom”, and released an EP in 2007. The same year he also started playing drums for a Norwegian singer/songwriter called Jostein Berge.

Kurt moved to Oslo in 2006 to study music and instruction theory. His drum teacher was a jazz drummer, so Kurt received his first jazz lessons. That year he did a lot of concerts with SynKoke and also jazz concerts related to school projects.

In 2007 he moved Back to Bergen and played with “Drom”, Maggi Schaufel (singer/songwriter), and started the band “Pony the Pirate”. The band relocated to Oslo in 2008. Kurt also playing at camps with 4 – 5000 people gathererd at meetings. He also started studying the subjects “Music and Leadership”.

In 2009, Pony the Pirate won a national prize for the best “up and coming band” of the year. They toured extensively for two years. In this period the band had 3 radio hits and played at almost every festival in Norway. They also did a festival in Germany called “Eurosonic” and “Spot Festival” in Danmark. SynKoke was also very active in this period of time, and released their debut album in 2009. Pony the Pirate releaesed their first album in 2010.

Pony the Pirate disbanded in 2011, but Kurt and two members of the band continued their partnership, and established a trio called “Supermale”. This was more of a dance pop band and played a lot of club gigs. Synkoke released their second album in 2013 of free jazz.

Supermale went to Vancouver to record parts of their debut album in Vancouver’s Green House Studio with producer Tylor Johnson/Digory Smallz. SynKoke toured in England, France and Danmark and ended the year with a big tour in Norway.

The Supermale’s debut album was released late in 2013. The SynKoke album was released on Christmas Eve 2013. Kurt also started playing drums for Jenny Moe, a Norwegian alternative pop music singer/songwriter. And in October, 2013 he recorded with Austin Basham from Austin, Texas for an EP being released in 2014.

In 2014, Kurt is releasing a new project with the songwriter from Pony the Pirate. Supermale will be recording and performing a lot of concerts and festivals. He will continue playing with Jenny Moe on her tour will play with the Norwegian band called “Bendik”. A major tour is planned in Norway and Denmark starting April.