Pedro LaTorre

Pedro LaTorre is a Professional Drummer for Dove Award Winning Hip-Hop Artist, KJ52. Founder of Hope In Motion Inc. & Motivational Speaker.

Pedro speaks to young people all over the United States. He was born into a broken home and knows what it means to feel alone. As a child Pedro watched his parents marriage fall apart right before his eyes. As if once wasn’t enough, Pedro witnessed another divorce by the time he was in eighth grade. Pedro quietly buried his pain and dreams in two different outlets. Baseball and music were the tools God used to sharpen the heart of a future leader. When he was 18 years old he garnered the attention of many professional baseball teams.

His dreams of being a pro-baseball player out of high school disappeared when an unexpected shoulder injury left him at a dead end or so he thought. After a time of confusion, Pedro began to see that God’s plan had not failed, it was just getting started. He fused his hurts to form a compelling message of hope that has reached thousands of professional athletes & young people. Pedro‚s heart-felt ability to honestly connect with a variety of demographics has a way of bringing unity into any situation.

He is widely known for his dynamic public school presentation and has travelled the country as the drummer for Christian Hip Hop Artist KJ52, and now Group 1 Crew.