Shawn Brown

Shawn Brown (aka Milo Jennings) has been a professional drummer since the tender age of 15. He did his first recording at 15 for a gospel band called New Dimensions and Liberty Brass and went on several tours with this band across California and through Canada.

One of Shawn’s favourite memories was when he was 14 years old he sat in with legendary musician Billy Preston, and at 15 played for Grammy award winner Andre Crouch. Shawn’s career has spanned mostly through the gospel music genre and has played drums for the following: Andre Crouch, Sandra Crouch, Pam Thumb, Michael Peterson, DC TALK, Katherine Coleman (evangelist), Donnie and Reba Mcguire, Alvin Slaughter of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Patty Howard (background singer for Whitney Houston), Henry Hinn (evangelist), and many more.

Shawn has toured extensively through Canada, the USA, Europe and Israel. After a successful stint in the gospel field Shawn was introduced into the country scene with the band Borderline. Since then, Shawn has gone on to drum for many of the top country artists in British Columbia including Smith and Jones, Sandra Wainright, Karen Lee Batten, Emily Taylor Adams, Dave Hartney, Rob Rowan and Appalosa.

Several of the artists that Shawn currently plays with have recordings, including Karen Lee Batten, Lisa Nicole and AJ Jardine. Shawn can often be found playing with multiple artists at many large festivals each year.