Tammy Woods

Tammy started playing drums at the age of 12. In High School she playied in churches and bands. In recent years Tammy has developed quite a media following and presence. Since 2017 she has been written about in several magazines and publications including Drum! Magazine, Tom Tom Magazine, 21st Century Drummer Magazine, Metal Mag, Women’s Internation Music Network, and Oklahoma Artist Magazine.

She has also has had feature interviews with Drum Talk TV, Talkin Chop and Around the Kit. Tammy currently plays in several bands as well as teaching lessons in person and via Skype. She started a Facebook group called Drummergirls United in 2016 and it has exploded into over 1200 female drummers in over 65 countries. Tammy is leading the first annual Drummergirls United Weekend Bash in March 2019 in Tulsa Ok and teaching one of the masterclasses.