Thiago Dom

Thiago is a Brazilian musician who lives in Rio. Born in São Paulo in a family of musicians, he started playing drums at the age of 5 in his local church. At the age of 10 he began to study music theory at EMESP, a kind of Berklee from São Paulo. At age 12 Thiago moved to Rio de Janeiro where he continued playing in churches and started to stand out among adult drummers.

At age 17 he began to play professionally, even did production engineering, but the music beat harder in his heart. Then, after much dedication to music, even very young, Thiago started to play for some of the biggest names in gospel music in Brazil like: Bruna Karla, Kleber Lucas, Fernandinho, Arianne, Fernanda Brum among many others. During this period he recorded more than 30 Albums.  Thiago lived on the road, months and months at a time playing shows.

Later Thiago was given the opportunity to lead the youth of his current church, where he was able to start what is now one of the largest youth ministries in Brazi:l Be One. When in 2015 Thiago became a Heartbeat artist, everything went to another level, spreading his adoration of the brand all over Brazil.