Wilbur Sargunaraj

Known as the ‘Simple Superstar’, Wilbur Sargunaraj was given the name “India’s first YouTube star” by the Times of India.  He creates films and music videos, which both call attention to critical global issues of poverty, caste, exploitation, justice and more as well as inspire informed action. As a drummer musician and cultural intelligence facilitator, Wilbur has taken his interactive performances to schools, colleges, conferences, villages, labor camps, urban streets and orphanages around the world.  Wilbur continues to use his platform to raise awareness for humanitarian and social justice issues.

His mission is to convince the common person – young or old, poor or rich, female or male, educated or not – that they each have a role to play in making our world a better place. His message is clear, “You are a ‘simple superstar’, a person of surpassing value, incredible beauty and unique importance. You can make a difference!

A Simple Superstar striving to make the common extra-ordinary using music, film, love and cultural intelligence. Yes! That’s Wilbur!

Wilbur is proud to be part of the Heart Beat family where relationships come first! He is a huge fan of hand hammered cymbals made in Turkey.  He runs a popular drumming and educational video series “First Class Beats” on his YouTube Channel. In addition to his work as a Cultural Intelligence facilitator and film-maker he leads his band Wilbur and the Simple Superstars! Thanks to Owen Assman for the photo collection of Wilbur and Heartbeat cymbals.

Twitter/ Snapchat/ Instagram : @wilburworldwide