YAYO The Drummer

Matthew Mayberry aka Yayo the Drummer (born September 4, 1986) is an American musician, producer and critically acclaimed drummer from Jackson, Mississippi. Yayo found his talents through his father, Harold “Maestro” Mayberry, who was the minister of music at his church for 20 years. Harold Mayberry, who passed February 2018, laid the foundation to Yayo’s talent by being his mentor, coach, and biggest supporter.

Yayo has performed with gospel choirs/artists, hip-hop artists, and many live Neo-Soul bands all over the world. Currently, he tours with rap legend Lil’ Wayne as his drummer. Lil’ Wayne refers to him as “the one-man band.”

He has showcased his talent with appearances on music projects of numerous musical genres, including hip-hop, alternative rock, pop, and country. Yayo has gained significant acceptance within the hip-hop community in particular and often collaborates with various hip-hop disc-jockeys to compose DJ/drum remixes to their songs.

With his closest family and mentors Cortez Bryant and CJ Gibson of Young Money Inc. behind him, he is sure to amaze the world with his unique musical sound and creative musical arrangements.