Heartbeat Percussion started with a vision in 2003 with a simple formula: partnering with people. Heartbeat’s part is to provide education, resources, quality products, great service and special pricing. Our customers’ part is to buy from us, and spread the word about who Heartbeat is and what we do.

At Heartbeat we focus on building relationships first. We know our customers can always buy products from somewhere else. We have not reinvented the wheel. Heartbeat puts a much higher value in people, than in things. We don’t exist to build a gigantic business empire, to dominate a market, to eliminate competition, to raise our company’s worth for share holders… Heartbeat exists to partner with others in their life journeys.

The Heartbeat brand name started with cymbals being introduced in 2010. Drums were launched in 2015. We continue to refine our existing products and develop new ones, such as our Heartbeat drum sticks, and bags for cymbals, drums and hardware. We listen to our customers and consider them as integral parts of our research and development team.

Pictured: Tamy Nataly, Brazil


While many smaller boutique companies manufacture their products in their own facilities (whether it be their homes, garages, shops, etc.), Heartbeat has chosen from the start to work with established quality manufacturers around the globe that will partner with us to produce our products to our specifications. We combine our manufacturers’ experience and production capabilities with our designs to produce Heartbeat Percussion products.

We are the first to admit that our specialty is not manufacturing. Our science is in producing products that provide high quality at affordable pricing and bring them to the market with the objective of partnering with people to accomplish their goals and support them in a direct and relational basis.

Pictured: Scott Fryer, USA


Cymbals: Heartbeat uses only the finest B20 bronze available. This alloy is basically comprised of 80 percent copper and 20% tin. Often some traces of additional metals are included (think seasoning spices in a recipe). B20 has been the mainstay in high end professional cymbal production for 400 years.

Drums: Currently Heartbeat is using either 6 ply North American maple or ash for shells, and is experimenting with other woods and alloys for both drums and snare drums.

Sticks: Made from high grade hickory, Heartbeat sticks are factory matched to ensure a great pair ready to play.

Bags: With an outer shell of 1680D Cordura, Heartbeat bags are custom made to our specifications. Cordura was introduced to the market by the DuPont company in 1929 and is often used for military and extended outside usage.

Pictured: Heartbeat Cymbal factory, Istanbul, Turkey


Our cymbals are crafted by cymbalsmiths in Turkey, where the type of cymbals used today were first made centuries ago. Our senior partner in Istanbul was trained in his craft by Mikhail Zildjian while hand crafting the famous Turkish K series. Heartbeat is delighted to be producing cymbals that combine the heritage of those famous cymbals with the designs that we and our customers want for today.

Heartbeat drums are manufacturered to our specifications in Asia. There are so many companies, both big and small, making drums all over the world. We ensure that our drums are made in limited quantities to provide exclusiveness and quality. While many other companies having drums made in Asia base their production on cost, we find manufacturers and challenge them to make their best products for us. Then we talk about price!

Heartbeat bags are custom made in India. Just like our drums, we challenge our manufacturer to provide a higher quality of product than what other companies buy. Our sizes, our colors, our logos, our options. We have no interest in offering a “one size fits all” product that is in someone’s catalogue. Each product must meet with our customers and our own approval. It is constantly a work in progress as our products evolve continually.

Pictured: Heartbeat Cymbal factory, Istanbul, Turkey


Community and family comes out of relationship. Right from the start of Heartbeat, we strived to build relationships with our customers. Heartbeat has avoided selling it’s brand to retailers for one major reason: we love getting to know the people who choose to play our products. When someone chooses to integrate Heartbeat Percussion products into their gear set up, we consider them as joining the Heartbeat family. How can we get to know our family if they buy our gear from a store and we never get to communicate directly with them? Heartbeat is all about people.

Just like we do with our customers, we aim to build strong relationships with our manufacturers. We support them and they support us. Without that relationship, we could not achieve our goals. Selecting the best manufacturer for our products is always based on building a relationship first. Then we dive into the details. People are always more important to Heartbeat than business is. We are one community working together.

Pictured: Carl Albrecht (Paul Baloche, Clinician, Studio), USA and Chad Bjorgan (Heartbeat)