Heartbeat 12 pack Drumsticks

$195.00 - $195.00 $85.00 - $85.00

Heartbeat 12 Pack Drumsticks: Made from high grade hickory, maple and oak. 27 variants to choose from.


5A, 5AL, 5B, 7A, 8A


Hickory, Maple, Oak


Teardrop, Acorn, Barrel


Lacquered, Non-lacquered

Heartbeat 12 Pack Drumsticks

Heartbeat drumsticks are custom milled one at a time, then matched and paired. Made from high grade American hickory, Canadian maple and Japanese oak, Heartbeat sticks are available in a number of sizes and tips. Save some money and purchase a twelve pack of sticks.

Why three different woods? Hickory has been the most common wood used for drumsticks. Maple is lighter, Oak is heavier. Maple is often the stick of choice for players in low volume settings who also play with a light touch. Hickory is a medium weight stick. Oak is the heaviest and most durable.

Why three different tips? Teardrop tips usually provide a warm and focused sound. Acorn gives a fat, rich sound. Barrel tips give a louder, punchy sound.

Why different sizes? Everyone has their specific preferences. With 27 available combinations, we hope something we have will work for you. If you do not see your favorite size here and are interested in seeing it added to our line up, let us know. Our product range grows based upon our customers’ input and needs. 

Why different finishes? Non-lacquered sticks that didn’t get any lacquered finish, absorbs sweat and moisture, so the feel can change as the sticks get played more. Many find these grip better. Lacquered sticks have a slick feel which doesn’t absorb moisture, so they don’t change much over time. Heartbeat primarily focuses on non-lacquered sticks, but we do offer some lacquered.

Part numbers made easy: HB-5AMT is Heartbeat 5A size, Maple wood, Teardrop tip.

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