Heartbeat Drum Sticks

$7.95 - $85.00

Heartbeat drum sticks: High grade hickory, economical pricing. Available individually for $7.95 or a box of 12 for $85.00 for even greater savings! (Prices are in US dollars)


5A, 5AN, 5B, 411, 7A, 5A-12, 5AN-12, 5B-12, 411-12, 7A-12

Heartbeat Drum Sticks

Heartbeat drum sticks are custom milled one at a time, and then tested for straightness before being matched and paired. Made from high grade hickory, these limited edition sticks are available in five different models: 5A, 5A nylon tip, 5B, 411 and 7A. Buy one or two pairs, or buy a box of twelve for additional savings!


  • 5A:   15.98″ long x .55″ diameter
  • 5AN:  15.98 long x .55″ diameter
  • 5B:   16.02″ long x 59″ diameter
  • 411:  16.26 long x .55″ diameter
  • 7A:   15.43 long x .51 diameter


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