Praxis Series Cymbal Set


A complete set of low volume cymbals for practice and rehearsal at an equally low price.


The Praxis Series Cymbal Set 14/16/18/20 is a special series of cymbals from Heartbeat specifically designed for low volume practice and rehearsal.

What is Praxis? Merriam-Webster defines it as: ACTION, PRACTICE: such as: exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill, customary practice or conduct; practical application of a theory. It originiates from medieval Latin, from Greek, doing, action, from prassein to do, practice.

Manufactured in Asia, the Praxis cymbals are only available for purchase as a set. Priced much lower than our handcrafted professional cymbals from Istanbul, the Praxis series provides the feel of playing real cymbals without the volume or the price. Here’s how the Praxis cymbals sound recorded side by side with our Heartbeat Classic series cymbals:

Compare Heartbeat Classic 14″ hi-hats to Praxis 14″ Hi-hats:

Compare Heartbeat Classic 16″ crash to Praxis 16″ crash:

Compare Heartbeat Classic 18″ crash to Praxis 18″ crash:

Compare Heartbeat Classic 20″ ride to Praxis 20″ ride:

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