Vintage Hi-hat Cymbals

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Heartbeat Vintage Hi-hat Cymbals: Dark, dry and warm sounding. (Prices are in US dollars)


14", 15"






Vintage Cymbals

Music Genre

Jazz, Latin, Studio, World, Worship



Vintage Hi-hat Cymbals

Vintage Hi-hat Cymbals and the entire Vintage series provide a unique look and dark, quiet sounds. With a special grey finish and gold Heartbeat logo, The Vintage series features greatly reduced overtones and a fast decay.

Available sizes are 20″ and 22″ rides and flat rides, 18″ and 20″crashes, 14″ and 15″ hi-hats and 18″ and 20″ Chinas. Vintage Hi-hats are dark and warm. Crashes are fast. Rides have a woody and mellow stick definition. Hand crafted and hand hammered in the same way that traditional Turkish cymbals were in the 1960’s and early 70’s, the Vintage series is perfectly suited for today’s contemporary worship music.

While some cymbals from other companies may look like Heartbeat cymbals, we work to ensure specific shaping, hammering, finishing, lathing and weight of each cymbal meets Heartbeat specifications.

Vintage Cymbals from Heartbeat and all other Heartbeat cymbals carry a two year limited warranty.

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Vintage Hi-hat Cymbals

14″ Vintage Hi-hat Cymbals:  Approx 2350 Grams Combined. Top Hat 1065 Grams.Bottom Hat 1285 Grams

15″ Vintage Hi-hat Cymbals:  Approx 2695 Grams Combined. Top Hat 1255 Grams.Bottom Hat 1445 Grams

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