Artist endorsement program

If you are a professional artist and are interested in partnering with us by endorsing Heartbeat cymbals and/or drums, then we invite you to consider applying for our program. You will have requirements and expectations, and so do we! Please read the following before applying.

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At Heartbeat, we consider every customer part of the Heartbeat family. Whether you own one Heartbeat product or many, we are happy that you have chosen a Heartbeat product and we welcome you into the family and are pleased to be working with you.

We regularly are asked about endorsement programs. Many companies offer special programs for artists, and usually they differ greatly from each other. There is no “standard” program in the industry. Add to that, Heartbeat rarely does anything standard!

Heartbeat as a company does not endorse anyone. But, artists do endorse Heartbeat products. We think that if you have purchased one of our products, you are automatically endorsing it. Otherwise, why would you have bought it? Surely you would have chosen something else. We count on your support just as much as you count on ours.

A number of our customers have special needs that exceed the typical buyer. With that in mind, we have established a Professional Endorser program. Those participating must meet certain criteria. This program, like everything else we do at Heartbeat, will continue to be revised as the needs and situations of our artists change and as our company evolves into the future.

Here are some things to consider before applying for a Professional Endorsement:

  • As a professional endorser, you are fully committed to Heartbeat, playing exclusively either Heartbeat cymbals, Heartbeat drums or Heartbeat cymbals and drums together.
  • We consider our endorsers as partners. We assist them in their professional careers and they assist us in our business development. How does that work?
    • The artists receive Heartbeat products that they believe are the best products for what they are doing; work with our staff so that we provide the support that is needed (often touring artists needs differ than most customers), and receive social media support and acknowledgements (including a page in our Artist section on the website) and artist level pricing.
    • Heartbeat receives more visibility and advertising due to the exposure from concerts, videos, social media and word of mouth. As Heartbeat is not sold through stores or distribution, this is a key part of our strategy.

What are some of our considerations?

  • Are you a full time drummer?
  • Have you played on a significant number of recordings?
  • Do you have any Television, Movie, or Video credits?
  • Have you participated in any high visibility tours?
  • Are you a credentialed teacher?
  • Are you an owner or operator of a music recording studio or label?
  • Do you have a lot of traffic on different social media sites?
  • Do you have any current or past endorsements?
  • Are you well known in your particular genre of music?
  • Do you already play Heartbeat cymbals or drums?