Dark Room Studios

DARK ROOM STUDIOS is located in Elgin, Illinois and is housed in the Thompson Center at Judson University’s Center for Worship in the Performing Arts (CWPA). It provides ample opportunity for students to learn the media behind music production and to record their own compositions. Dark Room Studios was created by Judson Alumnus Ben Calhoun, the lead singer for CITIZEN WAY. Calhoun often works with Judson students in composition and recording classes.

Music Business & Entrepreneurship
Judson’s Music Business and Entrepreneurship major prepares students for careers in music business, including recording, marketing, artist promotion,
management, and copyright law. Students will be able to start their own small music business doing everything from creating a business plan to writing their own songs, recording them and marketing them. Students complete courses in music, music performance, music business, and business. The capstone project during senior year integrates all of the skills and information students have learned throughout their four years at Judson.