Heartbeat works with many churches and houses of worship all over the world. So many, in fact, that we have a site specifically for our worship music customers. Heartbeat cymbals are becoming THE choice for worship venues.


If you are involved with Houses of Worship and are a music / worship leader, drummer / percussionist or minister / pastor, then we encourage you to check out our worship focused site. is not only a place for education and resources, but features an online store similar to this site with additional products suited for churches. Plus, there is a global map that shows who is using which Heartbeat products in the worship community.

Heartbeat staff are happy to assist in selecting the right products for the venue, whether it be a traditional church, school gymnasium, auditorium or something else. When Heartbeat started in 2003 its first sales were to churches and CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) genre artists. Heartbeat continues to partner with many non-profit organizations and educational facilities, whether church related or not.