Zac Gauthier

Born October 6th, 1987, Zac Gauthier grew up in a small town in northern Ontario with his parents and two siblings. He began playing drums at the age of four and has not slowed down since.

Playing in several bands, church’s, studios, streets and stages, Zac is known as a musician with great time feel, discipline and imagination. His goal now is not only to perform, but to also inspire and be inspired through teaching the young and young at heart the language and art of drumming.

Gauthier has played in multiple projects, genres ranging from alternative rock, metal, pop, Christian contemporary, some jazz and more. Among some of his musical endeavors, Zac played drums for three and a half days straight to raise money for an organization called Child of Mine which supports children in India in hopes of giving them a bright future

His latest projects are JoyfulDoor and Andrew Judah. You can find these at and Zac Currently resides in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia with his wife Kayla